Rhythms of the World

Nia Ramsey

Rants Editor

A beat, a tempo, a single chord strung, a way to escape into a fantasy, this, this is more than just music; this is the hymn of the people’s earth.
Music resonates loud and soft, broken and together and it is something that transcends the boundaries of spoken-tongue. Many however, do not know this. For what they become are fooled birds confined in the cages of societal norm.
Why, I ask, is this? Why choose to be blinded by fear of the unknown, especially when the unknown could be the best experience ever happened?
We as people should have open minds and open hearts, because there is music produced in each and every country.


Yes, we may be English, but that should not prevent us from expanding our horizons and listening to foreign music.
What is the point of listening to music that is not sung in your language or a language you do not know? It is not like you can truly understand it, right?




Thankfully, today we have a thing called the Internet. My good reader, the Internet is a wonderful place; it is an electronic paradise where you can virtually find out anything.


That of course, applies to looking up lyrics. If the resounding problem here is not knowing the words, then, that can easily be fixed.


All of us are surrounded by technology, whether it be at home or in public places. It is nearly impossible to not be able to look up the lyrics, so no excuses.
The main reason people are timid to foreign music is because they think that foreign music sounds weird and different and the type that you often hear on history videos in class. This is not the case.


Trust me, America is not the only modern country in the world. Other countries have rap, rock, pop, classical, soul, everything.
Plus, music is not always about the words. It is about the emotion conveyed through rhythm and sound. In history, some of the most revered artists were ones who spoke nothing in their pieces, like Beethoven, for example.

So, to say that you can not understand the words makes no sense at all because millions of people were able to love music without any words.
There is a reward in knowing you are experiencing many new things. Because, while others are just doing the same old things, you on the other hand know much more than them because you are not confining your opportunities.
Enjoy life, listen to the rhythms of the world, and open the heart of your ears. I know you can.