Silver Linings Playbook – Netflixer


Joshua Rhymer, That’s Rad/Trending/Two Cents Editor

Silver Linings Playbook is new to Netflix, and is a welcomed addition.  While this movie is no where near what I expected, it exceeded my expectations. The movie is so raw and unforgiving in its portrayals of the characters.  You are given very little back story on any of them, and you end up piecing together their stories as the movie goes along.  This is a risky move, but it is pulled off perfectly by director David O. Russell.  I am always impressed when a movie trusts its audience enough to not spoon-feed them the story.

This movie tells the story of a man who is unofficially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and, after being released from a mental hospital, strives for a more positive outlook on life. Pat’s main motivation is to mend his broken marriage with Nikki, and to ultimately be happy together.  On this personal journey, he meets the second main character: Tiffany. Like Pat, Tiffany also suffers from bipolar disorder, and they form an unusual bond through their similar experiences with their prescribed medication and marital problems.  The interactions between Pat and Tiffany offer some very awkward, yet hilarious episodes, as neither knows how to properly act in social situations.  And, due to their similar proneness to mood swings, a happy conversation can turn on a dime at any second.

What with the raw themes of mental illness and the unforgiving humor, this movie is not for everyone.  Some of the conversations will undoubtedly be too uncomfortable for some people to handle, and some of the humor just will not click with others.  But if you can handle the gawkiness, appreciate it, and if dry humor tickles your funny bone in the most subtle ways, this movie will move you.

Simply put: this movie is different.  I loved every second of it.  It strayed from the herd of typical romance dramas, and had a sick, yet surprisingly touching sense of humor.  Its awkwardness and unpredictable nature was truly amazing.

This movie is a must see.