Calling All Big Bang Theory Fans!


Ashley Slate

Bulletin and Spotlight Editor

This is not a drill. After several months of withstanding the still-funny yet predictable reruns, the Big Bang Theory is returning to TV on September 22nd with two all-new episodes!

On Monday, Sheldon will be returning home from his abrupt departure during the season 7 finale, after proving unable to deal with the changes occurring in his life. The new season will also feature Leonard and Penny as a newly engaged couple, in the wake of Leonard’s proposal to Penny just before season 7’s end. And let’s not forget Raj’s developing relationship with Emily, as well as Stuart’s newfound (and slightly weird) friendship with Mrs. Wolowitz.

Season 8 of the Big Bang Theory will premiere on Monday, September 22nd, on CBS. The first episode, “The Locomotive Interruption,” will air at 7:00pm, and will be immediately followed by episode 2, “The Junior Professor Solution” at 7:30pm.

The return of our beloved characters can’t be missed, so make sure to tune in!

Watch the season preview here!(

Need a refresher? Full-length episodes from season 7 can be found below!