The New Way of Gerard Way


Kate Nickols

Staff Writer

Gerard is back! Gerard Way, the previous lead singer of My Chemical Romance, is now beginning a solo career. Two years after the devastating break up of the famous punk rock group, the lead singer has decided that he wants to go solo. He has announced this news over social media sites and even has two of his singles up on iTunes. Gerard says in multiple tweets and interviews that he is trying to make his own sound imitate current Brit-pop.

“He says it’s pop, but I feel like it’s more of an alternative rock,” sophomore Kate Doyle, Central High School student and old My Chemical Romance fan said.

Fans of the red haired man are both happy and surprised about his comeback. Even those who are not fans remember the break up of MCR. It was late in 2012 when punk fans mourned the breakup of the band. It was hard on fans and even a year later, Gerard Way sent out a tweet that shook everyone: “It wasn’t a band, it was an idea.”

Others are also worried about this sudden solo act because of how Gerard was the beginning of My Chemical Romance’s career. During their first album and much of the making of the second one, Gerard had a drug issue, a rather serious one at that. It took him years to get off of it and fans worry that he may get back into the habit, though there is a very small chance. But the man has showed improvement with his problem throughout the years and now even has a wife and daughter. He does still smoke, but he has not gone any further than that.

Overall, besides all these small problems and rumors that have sprung up, the former rocker is still moving forward with his album. He has already let out two singles and plans to release the album Hesitant Alien on September 30th. All fans are waiting patiently to see if Hesitant Alien can beat The Black Parade!