History of Homecoming Mums


Taylor Martin

Social Media Team

Does anyone really know how homecoming mums started? Is it just a bandwagon that everyone decided to be a part of?

The first mums were given out (by who to who?) in the early 1930’s during high school football games. It was strictly a southern ordeal, especially centered in Texas, where most–if not all– of the mums are crafted. Boys used to give out real flowers, a chrysanthemum, which is where the technically-slang word “mum” was derived.

The tradition was originally that the girl would receive a flower for every year she was in high school. Freshmen year she would get one flower, sophomore year two flowers, junior year three flowers, etc.

Mums have gone from something simple to over-the-top and bigger than the girl wearing it. Elaborate lights, and back braces, some would say they’re getting out of hand.