Story Time


Joshua Rhymer, Staff Writer

The word “ambitious” has been used to describe many games in the past year. That is because games today are more intense in every way. You are no longer a frog trying to cross the street, but rather a soldier, completing multiple objectives on a massive battlefield. Now game designers are growing even more ambitious as they strive to pull at gamers’ heartstrings and get an emotional reaction. This reaction is not felt by simply completing objectives, nor is it achieved by crossing the street multiple times. Game designers draw out our emotions through story.

To develop the story, there has to be a decent character development of not only the character you play as, but the antihero as well. Voice actors have the difficult task of conveying emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, confusion, compassion, and especially, grief. For the most part, in games such as Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite, they do not act on “sets” but rather in small sound-rooms with microphones and their scripts.

Far Cry 3 blew me away with how they developed the character you play, as well as the presentation of the adversaries you encounter along the way,” one gamer, junior Ryan Humphries said.

In the case of games like Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us, the cut-scenes are filmed on a motion capture set. This allows the designers to capture the body language and true human nature of the actors as they act out each scene of the game, as well as realistically portray the movements the characters make throughout the game. This method adds a somewhat unnerving realism to games like this, truly immersing you into the world the game designers created.

“It blows my mind [to see] how true to nature some games are now,” Humphries said. “It really immerses me when I feel like I am the character.”

While some would say graphics do not make a game great, they do help to immerse you into the experience, which is exactly what the game developers are trying to do. If the environments and textures look real, you experience the game on a whole new level.

“The visuals in games today are so realistic, I sometimes forget I’m playing a video game,” Humphries said.

Games are becoming a more popular medium for emotional storytelling, and deserve more attention. These games are breaking the mold of traditional, objective based games by telling a deep narrative, creating interesting and relatable characters with climactic character development, and having the overall ability to immerse the gamer in to a fictional world.