Turkey Day Treats


Lora Pippin, Avocado/That's Rad/Trending Editor

The leaves are changing color. The weather is getting a little colder, and the kitchen is alive with the clanging of dishes and the scents of pumpkin and cinnamon. Don’t sit out this fall. Surprise your relatives with your new kitchen cleverness.

Push up your sweater sleeves and whip out your “Kiss This Cook” apron. The possibilities are endless to create a culinary masterpiece. Here some ideas to get your Thanksgiving timer dinging.

Pilgrim Hat Treat

Recipe Time: 10 Minutes


–       Miniature Peanut Butter Cups

–       Flat Round Chocolate Cookie

–       Orange and/or Yellow Icing


  1. Squeeze a quarter size amount of icing in the center of the cookie
  2. Push peanut butter cup into dob of icing; allowing it to form the hat ribbon
  3. Use icing to create a hat buckle on peanut butter cup


Other Ideas: Different types of cookies will allow for a variety, or use marshmallows instead of peanut butter cups for a different taste.


Caramel Apple Delight

Recipe Time: 15 -20 Minutes


-Medium Sized Apple (type vary by preference)

-Carmel Candies

– Crushed Almonds/ Pecans

– Wooden Skewer

-Decorative Ribbon

– Wax Paper/ Glass Plate

1. After washing, skewer center of apple

2.  Microwave caramel candies, following the directions on the package. Instead of melting candies, you can buy premade caramel sauce.

3. Dip skewered apple into melted caramel, then immediately dip into crushed nuts

4. Place caramel apple onto wax paper/ glass plate and allow 3 minutes to cool

5.  Cut any choice of decorative ribbon and tie onto skewer


Other Ideas: Don’t be limited by using only caramel. You can also dip your apples into chocolate sauce or other preferred dessert sauces. Substitute nuts for sprinkles to add color. Green apples offer a tasteful contrast of sweet and sour.

Thanksgiving, and holidays in general, are perfect opportunities to test your culinary capabilities. With some practice you could add a new food tradition to your family.  For other cuisine concoction ideas go to http://allrecipes.com/recipes/everyday-cooking/seasonal/fall/.