House Party Tour Bringing Down the House


Laura Fisher, Photo Editor

Saturday, September 28, A Day to Remember came to Grand Prairie with three other opening bands; All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, and The Wonder Years.

The concert was five hours long and really amazing! There was fire, smoke, fireworks, and Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember in a giant blow up ball and also crowd surfing on the mosh pit.

A Day to Remember played acoustic songs that they haven’t played live in years. Jack Barakat of All Time Low went through the mosh pit and hugged fans, but Jaime Preciado of Pierce the Veil had a different experience with a crazed fan. A blonde girl launched herself on stage and tackled him with a hug while playing live, so a security guard grabbed the girl and threw her back off stage.

A Day To Remember had an actual house on stage to play on the pun House Party Tour. They opened playing in the garage pretending it was band practice, just like old times. The tour was really amazing and it is suggested to go check out the bands and see them live!


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