Unorthodox Foods

Joshua Rhymer, Staff Writer

In a culture where diversity and variety shape the food industry, many new combinations  and variations of food shine through the masses of basic menu items with  unmatched and unforgettable food combinations.

One of many nonconformist entrées, chicken and waffles, stands out on a menu, catches your eye, and compels you to order it.  This is not actually that bad a thing, since upon further investigation, the two components really aren’t that unusual combination at all.  The dish consists of fried chicken tenders, waffles with powdered sugar and maple syrup to top it all off. Once you take your first bite of both the crispy chicken tender and the sweet powdered waffle, you will not regret taking that leap of faith.  The savory chicken complements the sweet, powdered-sugar coated waffle greatly, and when they are dipped in maple syrup, it is an explosion of savory-sweet flavor.

You can find chicken and waffles at various restaurants, including Jonathon’s Oak Cliff, Big Mama’s Chicken and Waffles, Miss Chicken, Hattie’s Restaurant, and Cheddars.  One of the best places to order the dish is at Cheddars in Alliance Shopping Center.

Get out of your comfort zone! Try something a little bit outlandish, or that you’re not used to. Odds are, there’s nothing disgusting or unpleasant about it. You may even come back for more.