Edible Art

Lora Pippin, Avocado/That's Rad/Trending Editor

Maybe you’re not a food enthusiast but you appreciate art, edible art that is. Making your own edible arrangement is fun, fruity, and makes a fantastic gift.


Things you will need:

–       Skewers

–       Fruit (i.e. pineapples, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupes)

–       Parsley or Kale

–       Pot/Vase/Container

–       Cookie Cutter of preferred shape

–       Melon Baller

–       Foam


Recipe Time: 30 minutes



  1. Prepare your pot/container/vase. Keep in mind the size you want your fruit arrangement to be.
  2. Place foam at the bottom of your pot so the skewers will have something to keep them in position.
  3. Wash and cut the fruit.  Cut the pineapple into slices around half an inch thick.
  4. Press the cookie cutter into the pineapple and make a shape. The shape doesn’t have to be a flower. Be creative!
  5. Press the melon baller into the cantaloupe. Try to make the result flat on one side.
  6. Cut skewers so that your fruit sticks are all different heights; this will make the bouquet look fuller.
  7. Strawberries and grapes can be placed directly on skewers. To add more color to your edible arrangement, put multiple fruits on a skewer.
  8. To make pineapple flowers, like the ones in the picture, place grapes or cantaloupe balls on top of the pineapple slice.
  9. Make your own arrangement by poking the skewers into the foam at the bottom of the pot. Randomly arrange them at different heights so that the bouquet looks full from all sides.
  10. Take your kale or parsley and place around at the top of the pot to look like leafs of a flower.
  11.  Viola! Your favorite fruits are now a work of art.


The most important thing about making your own edible arrangement is to have fun with it. Use fruit you prefer and other cookie cutter shapes to make unique arrangements. Strawberries can even be dipped in chocolate and the container can be painted or personalized for a seasonal look.


If giving this as a gift, it would be ideal to cut and place the fruit the day of, as the fruit does turn brown when left out.


For more fun recipes go to http://www.ourbestbites.com/ and unleash your inner chef.