Imagine Dragons Concert Review

Jordan Sutter, Staff Writer

The up-and-coming band Imagine Dragons graced the Dallas House of Blues with their presence on Monday, February 11th.  After an opening act of two more obscure (but almost equally as impressive) bands, Nico Vega and Atlas Genius, Imagine Dragons kept the audience captivated throughout their fun and exciting show.


From the first song they played, the catchy tune “Round and Round”, to the last song, the most-popular “It’s Time”, lead singer Dan Reynolds was perfectly on pitch, carrying impeccable vocals throughout the entire show.  The lively crowd joined him in belting out all of the songs’ lyrics, and screamed incredibly loud in between each of them as well.  The strobe lights and interesting set perfectly accompanied this band’s unique style, and the incredible volume of the fans’ voices along with the booming sound of the band created an overwhelmingly exciting and exhilarating experience.


The highlight of the concert for me was the performance of the song “Thirty Lives”, a slow, soft tune crooned by Reynolds alone.  I had never heard this song before, as it is not available on iTunes or on their most recent CD, but I was immediately drawn in by the slower pace and the beautiful lyrics.  Following one of their most powerful and intense songs, “Radioactive”, this song was definitely a change of pace.  The rowdy fans calmed down and paid attention to his perfect voice, and I was not ready for it to be over when he stopped singing and the clapping ensued.


After an outstanding show and cheers for an encore, the band came back out and finished it up with their song “Nothing Else To Say”, putting a perfect end on an amazing performance.  Imagine Dragons put on a concert that was nothing short of awe-inspiring and that far exceeded my expectations.