Zero Dark Thirty Review

Kayla Barnes, Design Editor

This suspenseful and chilling thriller follows the decade-long efforts of the C.I.A to track down one of the World’s most infamous killers, Osama Bin Laden. The film focuses mostly on a young underdog agent, Maya, who doesn’t necessarily agree with the gruesome detainee program, but realizes that it is the only way to secure information from terrorist-affiliated prisoners. When all of her colleagues doubt her theory of where Bin Laden is, her confidence is the persuading reason that the Navy SEAL team that killed him was deployed.

The film is tastefully done considering the graphic content that had to be discussed. The opening scene leaves the audience blinding by pure darkness in the theatre, left with only the sounds of 9/11 playing and setting the somber tone for the entire film.

Producers could have gone with a much more bloody and biased approach to the quest for Bin Laden and the havoc that his followers reeked, but instead, the movie is filled with a deep look into the intelligence, not warfare, that lead to Osama Bin Laden’s capture and demise.

Jessica Chastain, who played the film’s lead role of Maya, won her first Golden Globe as Best Actress. The film was also nominated for several other Golden Globes and five Oscars.

This highly anticipated thriller dominated its opening weekend, grossing $24 million in its widespread release and a total of $29.5 million with its opening weekend and pre-release. It topped the box office, beating out A Haunted House and Gangster Squad.