Artist Spotlight: Silvia Pelissero

Hayley Stengem, Two Cents Editor

Vibrant. Explosive. Imperfect.

Silvia Pelissero (known better by her online alias, agnes-cecile) is a self-taught Italian artist based in Rome. At the young age of 21, her art has already exploded all over the internet, especially over social networking sites such as Tumblr and Deviantart. Her sole focus is on watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, and varnish portraiture. However, no matter the medium, her works are always explosive and convey unique messages.

Prints of Pelissero’s artwork can be seen floating around the Internet anonymously, found through tags such as “watercolor”. Facial features hang in negative space, defined by organic and transparent washes. The fluidity of her watercolor pieces seep into all of her works in under-layers that drip and bleed. For example, her dripping ink gesture drawings are layered in watered down blacks to define shadow.

Though her subject matter does not change outwardly, her portraits display an array of human emotion. Some in despair and some in ecstasy, but all are imperfect. They are organic and broken representations of human beings.

Pelissero herself is quiet. Not much is known about her personally other than her beginnings as an artist at an art high school in Rome, after which she continued with art independently and became an anonymous internet sensation. Through a lack of sourcing photos on social media sites, her name is (unfortunately) hardly recognizable with her works.

To further explore the world of Silvia Pelissero, visit one of her many regularly updated webpages.





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