Arrested Development

Brian Haywood, Staff Writer

Widely heralded by both critics and fans alike as one of the greatest achievements in televised situational comedy in the last decade, Arrested Development enjoyed an unexpected cult reception for three seasons from 2003-2006 when it was tragically cancelled, much to the dismay of its dwindling but deeply devoted audience.

The show involved the dynamic, dysfunctional Bluth family spending most of their time escaping lawsuit and arrest while the only seemingly level-headed character, Michael Bluth, struggled to hold together their failing, bankrupt company. Not only did it employ a blazing originality in style and humor, which has made it a cult classic, the level of depth in storyline and characters was unparalleled.

Six years have passed since its cancellation, but time has not allowed dust to collect on this beloved series. Even though the actors and producers have gone on to pursue their own careers and aspirations, every once in a while, talk of a continuation of this episodic adventure would resurface, only to be eventually waved off as a sentimental excursion into old jokes and tried storylines. It seemed that the Bluth model home would never see the light of day; until out of the blue, it was announced that filming for a revised fourth season began on August 7, 2012, and that a feature-length movie will follow it as a final curtain on the Bluth legacy.

Reportedly, the new storyline will pick up where the old one left off; the characters are finding the pieces of their old lives and putting them back together rather unsuccessfully, if past experiences are any indication. Each episode will follow a different character’s point of view, as they begin to intersect with one another’s individual storylines. Much of the action will happen at the same time; events that are seen in one episode will find a way into someone’s life in another, but from a different perspective.

It has been stressed by several members of the cast and development team that this is less of a new season, and more of a lead-in to the movie, the release of which has not yet been finalized. All 14 episodes will stream at once on Netflix sometime in May; those who have not yet experienced the original 3 seasons can find them on online streaming sites such as Hulu, or on DVD.