Out of this World Galaxy Shorts

Kamal Sidhu, Managing Editor

Black shorts may get boring, so spicing them up with color will make you stand out! Galaxy shorts look good with brightly colored shirts and shoes.


You will need:

-Different shades of fabric or acrylic paint (blue, purple, white, silver)

-Paint brushes and sponges

– Black shorts, pants, or leggings

-Toothbrush (optional)


  1. Use dark blue paint and make large blotches in random areas of the pants
  2. Go around the blue with purple.
  3. Use sponge to put silver in the middle of the blotches
  4. Splatter paint the white paint with either a toothbrush or a paintbrush
  5. Make streaks of light blue and white
  6. Use metallic silver to make crosses like shining stars
  7. Glitter is optional



*Tip: Let shorts dry completely before adding more color