“Breaking” on the Big Screen

Jordan Sutter, Staff Writer

“Twihards” are freaking out for the next installment of the “Twilight” saga, “Breaking Dawn: Part II,” that hits theaters next Friday.


“I am so excited to see this movie,” senior Lauren Bowman said.  “I already have tickets to the midnight premiere!  I have been waiting for this for so long!”


The excitement in the air grows as the release date nears, but devoted “Twilight” fans are also feeling blue because this movie marks the end of the saga.


“I am so, so sad that this great series is coming to an end.  I feel like I know the characters, and wish that this was not the last movie for me to enjoy,” junior Alana Staudt confessed.  “Even though I have all of them, and will buy this one on DVD, there is still nothing like going to the midnight premiere and experiencing a new movie.  I can’t believe that after this movie, I will never be able to do that for the Twilight saga again.”


Though it goes without saying, the midnight premiers will be packed, opening day tickets will be sold out and people will once again rekindle their adoration for these lovesick vampires with the most anticipated Twilight film to date.


It is true that for some it is a sad reminder that this series is making its curtain call, but overall, fans are excited that “Breaking Dawn” is finally coming to life on the big screen.