Zac Brown Band goes “Uncaged”

Abbey Bowling, Sports Editor

Zac Brown Band released their fourth album, Uncaged this past July.

With remarkable harmonies, passionate lyrics, and the addition of a new drummer, it’s no wonder Billboard has already dubbed this album the best country release of the year. Their signature style is an eclectic mix ranging from country, rock, soul and reggae, but new styles like blues and folk are thrown masterfully into the album.

These are some notable songs from the album:

Uncaged: A song very influenced by rock, but a head banging country anthem if there ever was one. The lyrics encourage the listener to think out of the box and live a little, saying, “you got to get uncaged.”

Favorite lyric: Freedom is a gift, get living.

Sweet Annie: A sweet, delicate song that will strum your heart strings. There’s an a cappella line at the very end of the song that is so harmoniously stunning it will take your breath away.

Favorite lyric: Sweet Annie, can I stay with you awhile? Cause this road’s been putting miles on my heart.

Natural Disaster: This song, about a preacher’s daughter being a rebel, picks up the pace as she becomes more and more rebellious. Just when you think it couldn’t get any faster, the fiddle goes insane and really shows off their musicianship. Genius.

Favorite lyric: She’s a tumbleweed rolling, a river running wild, a hurricane blowing, she’s the calm after the storm.

Lance’s Song: This song is a sweet tribute. The insight the heartfelt lyrics give us of this dear friend–who passed away–are so cleverly placed that you’ll be thinking you knew Lance, too. The simple melody and rhythm make the words stand out, so listen closely.

Favorite lyric: For him, there’s no more waiting, he’s got his silver invitation just to do a little playing for the big band in the sky.

Day That I Die ft. Amos Lee: Somehow, they manage to take a touchy, morbid subject and turn it into a beautiful song. They go a cappella at the end with a seven-man harmony, and I could listen to that for hours on a loop.

Favorite lyric: When I’ve lived out my days until the very end, I hope they find me in my home with a guitar in my hands.

I couldn’t highlight all of the songs, but be sure to give the rest of the album a listen too. Zac Brown Band’s diverse mix of music styles attract a wide range of listeners, and with plenty of types to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find something you love.