Prom Is Not All That


Meleah York, Editor-in-Chief

Prom has been hailed for decades as a night to remember, one of the last hurrahs of high school that is the cherry on top of your senior year. But before you pay a large amount of money for a ticket, I’m here to explain what exactly goes on at prom itself, as well as some tips to make it more enjoyable.

In the past few years, Keller prom has been held at the Fort Worth Science Museum, but for the class of 2019 it was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth. I definitely think that holding prom at a museum would have been more entertaining. At the hotel, the only activities were getting flipbook pictures done, playing casino games, eating, or dancing. I also discovered that I didn’t know probably half of the people at prom.

I advise anyone planning to go to prom in the future to go with a group of friends that are on the same page. If you’re not taking a date, go with majority single friends. If you do have a date, go with others who have dates. It’s easy to couple up, and since I went with friends who all had dates I was left alone for some of the night.

Additionally, your friend group should be on the same page about when you’re going and when you’re leaving, as well as what activities you are planning to do at prom. It’s not necessary to have a specific schedule but it’s important to know where your people will be around a certain time.

If prom is something important to you, that’s great! I hope you end up having a great time. For the people who are unsure like I was, take this advice and information and plan a night that you will end up enjoying.