New Zealand Terrorist Attack


Amber Wahab, Staff Writer

Fifty innocent Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, were violently killed and 50 injured on March 15 in Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Center, while in prayer.

Out of the men, women, and children that were killed the oldest Musa Nur Awale (77 years old) was a previous teacher at Al Noor mosque. The youngest victim, Mucad Ibrahim (three years old) had come to the mosque with his older brother and father, who were among the survivors. The first man who was shot greeted the shooter with “Assalamualaikum brother” which Arabicbic translates to “peace be unto you” and is used to greet everyone.

Islam teaches peace and love if only the shooter was truly aware of this before he chose to view all Muslims as savages who deserved to die. The shooter was a public trump supporter and said that trump helped him find his “true white identity.” The gun that the terrorist used to slaughter the lives of my brothers and sisters had names of former Christians who also killed innocent Muslims written all over it. Yet, Islam and most religions including Christianity and Judaism, still teach the believers to be accepting and respectful of everyone despite their beliefs, the color of their skin, gender, ect.

Many survivors of the Christchurch attacks are actually forgiving the terrorist, for they believe there is no point in hate because in the Quran it states that there will be a time where the whole world turns against Muslims and during that time we must still together. “Holding onto your religion (Islam) will be like hold onto hot coals” – Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

I happen to agree with the survivors, there is no point to hate something that we were warned of but also because forgiveness is mentioned in the Quran about 225 times to bring peace to one’s heart, mind, and soul. Everyone was put on this earth for a reason and although I shed tears too often when I look at what is being done to my people and the think that it could be easily done to me or my family, I know that God is the best planner.

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