BACK OFF HATERS: It’s Comeback Season for Scrunchies

The Cozy Throwback Hair Accessory Is Back With a Vengance

BACK OFF HATERS: Its Comeback Season for Scrunchies

Abby Tow, Managing Editor

DJ Tanner and her beloved sister squad were pop-culture phenoms of the 90’s. So, of course, their fashion both influenced and reflected the fashion trends of the time in their iconic sitcom, Full House. While society left many of their style choices in the past, our post-Y2K world has adopted one of their trademark accessories again: scrunchies. And I for one am a die-hard proponent of this humble, fabric covered elastic.

Many fashion historians have called our time one of historical hodgepodge, where big brands like Urban Outfitters take inspiration from nearly every era- from shoulder pads to high waisted jeans to grommet belts to fringe vests, your local mall can give you a tour of nearly every fashion era. Scrunchies experienced niche popularity among toddlers and grandmothers in the mid-2000’s, but somewhere between 2012 and the present, they made a comeback.

While stores like Claire’s have always carried scrunchies (a preteen staple) major brands have started stocking them for adults, such as H&M, Target, and even Nordstrom with designer silk options. For practical reasons, they’re a definitely score. The soft fabric doesn’t dent hair and create creases; the variety of colors and textures add a layer of customization like one would find in a necklace or bracelet. Their soft, cozy vibe dresses down formal looks, but an outlandish print of texture can add contrast to a monotone look.

Celebrities have been spotted in the last few years sporting the 90’s hair trend. Demi Lovato, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and most notably Hillary Clinton have all been seen at the gym, running errands, or even on the red carpet wearing a scrunchie.

Scrunchie culture peaked recently at the 2019 Academy Awards, stirring critics and fans alike. Jason Momoa, star of the television show Game of Thrones and the 2018 blockbuster Aquaman, was spotted wearing a mauve, velvet scrunchie around his wrist as an accessory to his Karl Lagerfeld suit on the red carpet. The accessory choice received some hate, but the KHS Newspaper staff has no choice other than to stan this bold look.

Whether you love or hate the scrunchie, it’s practicality is unmatched by any other hair elastic option and it’s fashion capabilities are endless. Scrunchies, for better or worse, are back. And if I have anything to do with it, they’re here to stay.