Why It’s Okay to Love Yourself with Makeup On

Why Its Okay to Love Yourself with Makeup On

Abby Tow, Managing Editor

There is a general misconception about women. (Shocking, I know.)

Some people seem to think that women who wear makeup, a little or a lot, are somehow projecting insecurity. This is, in fact, untrue.

Newsflash, everybody, women sometimes do things to please themselves and not others. I’ve heard it a million times: “Don’t wear so much makeup. Be confident without it.” This sentiment unearths a dirty truth about how we view women and how we see them when it comes to the ownership of their own bodies.

Autonomy for women means they get to decide what color lipstick- or no lipstick at all- will make them feel beautiful. No, a man may not want to kiss me if I’m wearing a bright purple lipgloss, but that isn’t my problem. Our society places it on the woman to attract a man, to please him, and to make things just right for him. And while there’s nothing wrong with doing things that you’re comfortable with to please a significant other, the problem lies in the implicit expectation women suffer to make other people happy.

The story behind my purple lipgloss has nothing to with pleasing anybody but me. I bought it on sale, a great price that I couldn’t pass up. And when I picked it out, I could picture exactly which shoes and earrings they’d perfectly coordinate with, not so somebody could validate me, but because when I look in the mirror, it makes me feel beautiful.

Moral of the story here is: wear whatever you want. Self-expression is valuable and fun. You discover new things about yourself when you push your comfort zone bit by bit, whether that be by applying for a new job, moving to a new city, or trying a neon eyeliner.

Makeup, your appearance, and your self-image are totally your own. So make it that way. And don’t listen to anybody else.