Trump Threatens Transgender Community


Meleah York, Editor-in-Chief

The Trump Administration is considering literally defining the concept of being transgender out of existence.

This deliberate attack against the LGBTQ+ community brings up many questions but also contributes to the ever-growing fear among transgender people, especially trans children.

You could listen to Caitlyn Jenner, who is just now speaking out against Trump, undoubtedly because this directly affects her well-being. But instead of giving her a platform, consider this from someone who has opposed our racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist pig of a president from the beginning.

Trump has never supported the LGBTQ+ community and never will. And those are just facts. His claims of protecting them during his campaigning back in 2016 were flat-out lies. Some of you white conservative gays out there seeing him holding a rainbow flag are so gullible.

If he really supported LGBTQ+ folks, he wouldn’t seek to deny transgender people their existence. Trans people are being murdered and attacked every day, if they don’t kill themselves first. Suicide rates in the trans community continue to skyrocket, and it’s only getting worse. It’s disgusting to actually think that Trump’s presidency benefits any minority group when the only positive outcomes are for white males and the wealthy 1%.

Here’s why this possible legislation is problematic, from a legal as well as moral standpoint. Controlling someone’s identity borders on dictatorship. Trump wants to control our individuality; he wants to force us into the binary because he represents every old person dedicated to making their son’s life worse because he likes wearing dresses.

But the real conversation is this: Transgender people? Not dangerous. I’m tired of the whole “man in a women’s bathroom” argument. There is no evidence or proof backing up any of that logic. Trans people want to do their business and leave, just like you. Nothing about the existence of transgender people affects you. They’re trying to live their lives. Their identity is not yours, and no trans person is trying to make you trans.

The biggest issue here is that the Trump Administration is going to be preventing validating identities from being applied to the United States transgender population. This could include denying vital medical transitions and healthcare for trans people, and that’s sick.

Little-known fact: trans people are at insanely high risks of having depression, which leads to suicidal tendencies. Surgeries and hormone therapies are sometimes the only things preventing trans people from taking their own lives.

This issue needs to get you fired up. If it doesn’t, do your research. Trump is essentially trying to kill off the transgender population, figuratively and literally.

But we aren’t going down without a fight.