Why Vaping Needs to Stop

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

It seems these days as a teenager we are constantly exposed to new things. New music, new friends, experiences, etc. But as we get older, the more interesting these new things get, and more of us tend to look for new ways to have fun or relax after stressing all day about school or friends. But when teens turn to a vape or JUUL to find relief, they may just be risking their health and sanity.

According to Merriam-Webster, nicotine is defined as “a poisonous alkaloid that is the chief active principle of tobacco and used as an insecticide.” Nicotine is the part of a cigarette that people get so addicted to, as stated by Vocabulary.com. Even when people started realizing the effects of addiction to nicotine and smoking, quitting seemed impossible to some people. I’ve had plenty of experience growing up and seeing the effects of addiction on many people I love, and it’s devastating to see how much pain it causes to the addict and the ones they surround themselves with.

Vapes were introduced as a way to turn people off of cigarettes and lower nicotine levels until eventually the urge to smoke lessens. But when teens started abusing the use of vapes, and the juuls were introduced to the market, the once thought savior from addiction had quickly evolved into a whole new level of addiction.

A teenager’s brain is extremely sensitive to new substances. The prefrontal cortex is the most subjective to harm from new substances, especially drugs like nicotine. Nicotine can affect a teen’s ability to process emotions, and make well developed decisions, according to Business Insider. So when teens start using JUULs, which carry higher amounts of nicotine then most of the other vape products, they start losing key skills and brain components they should be able to retain later in life.

Not only does JUULing harm your brain and hinder its ability to develop properly, the vapor is also proven to be harmful to your lungs. The vapor “increases inflammation and disables cells that protect lung tissue”, said WebMD. Therefore, the lungs are so much more susceptible to damage to the cells that support the body’s immune system.

As attractive as vaping might seem to be used as a stress relief, or a way to have fun with friends, the health risks that are involved have been proven to be serious and lead to addiction just as bad as one with cigarettes.


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