An Artist To Remember: Avicii

Josh Canfield, Staff Writer

Tim “Avicii” Bergling was a Swedish musician, DJ and producer. Avicii brought a new vibe to the electronic dance music genre (EDM). Avicii won the Favorite Electronic Dance Music Artist award at the American Music Awards in 2013, and he also won awards at other award shows for the song “Wake Me Up.”

Avicii passed away due to personal problems in his life, and he struggled with thoughts about happiness, according to his family.

Avicii revolutionized EDM with his album in 2013 True, with songs like “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother.” The acoustic bluegrass touch in “Hey Brother” and the soul and R&B touch in “Wake Me Up” adds a new side to EDM music that people haven’t heard before. Avicii’s debut album True was a hit on the charts.

Personally, I loved Avicii’s music and was sad to see his last album Stories in late 2015. I hope that Avicii’s music keeps helping people across the world. I hope that Tim “Avicii” Bergling is remembered by the world and rests in peace.


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