The Last Semester

A Message to Seniors.


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

To my seniors,

I have spent four years here, millions of assignments (okay, maybe hundreds), plenty of words spoken through the hallways, and numerous people who’s names you just don’t remember. You won’t remember everything you do, you won’t remember every single thing you learned or what assignments you failed and the tests you studied days for.

You all have seen me, you all have seen my face, you all know who I am, you all know the people that are sitting right next to you, but some of them you have never even talked to.

This is your last semester; it may be your first here at KHS, or it may be the end of a twelve-year run. But what is going on is that you are growing up, you are becoming an adult, and you are going to leave this world behind you.

We are all ready to leave. We all think that the moment we leave this place that it will become better, and it will for a time. But you will meet new people, you will find more things to dabble in, and you will find a whole new course of problems.

Leaving Keller, Texas, doesn’t mean you are leaving all of your problems behind. Sure, you may be leaving the places where it happened, but you are leaving the places and the things that reminded you of them, and it will follow you. No matter what you believe, it will follow you.

These were not the best days of your life, and if they were, then you will not grow anymore than you did in these last four years.

So here, let me give you some parting words, the words you should never take for granted in your last semester. Live, go to the casino, go on a road trip to Austin, stay out late, fall in love, find some new friends, cut the old ones, get the life that you always wanted to have because you are going to leave your hometown or one of the places you grew up soon enough.

Do everything that you wanted to do, whether it’s stupid (not illegal or super stupid) or if something to benefit the world. You are only a teenager once and the thing is, if you are only this young once, what are you going to tell your kids when you’re old?

Make some memories, go viral, create some stories, make something that will be worthwhile. Do it all, and live, because you are only this young once.

And I can assure you that.