We Need More Funding For Journalism

Meleah York, Assistant Editor

When you think of Keller High School, you might first think of our awesome sports teams, such as track, cross country, or football. Maybe you even think of our marching band, or choir and theatre departments. All of these are wonderful aspects of our school and make up our tradition of excellence, but what about a niche of aspiring writers and journalists that pour their souls into the work that they do?

We here at The Wigwam as well as the students in journalism or creative writing classes have been a community swept under the rug, not very well known save for the Stall Street Journal and our online newspaper, which is read by a very small minority of students not in the newspaper class itself. Some take these classes because they like to write. Some take them for the elective, but there are many of us who wish to build our careers off of these writing classes, myself included. But have these classes been utilized to the fullest? Here’s the simple answer. No.

The journalism and writing departments lack the funding that our sports teams and fine arts curriculums have. In recent years, we have been planning fundraisers and communications with advertising companies to try and raise money for our budget, but we still aren’t fully seen in Keller High School, and we’re definitely not at the popularity level of the football team and marching band. There are many people in the school that might not know about us and the work that we do here that’s both fun and increases our knowledge and writing abilities. There are many articles we write that require research or finding out the full story. We attend school and community events, taking notes and mentally drafting how we are going to portray the emotions or vibes created by them in our articles. Most of all, we have fun here. We make connections with each other and work together to create new ideas of where we want to take things and how we will achieve them.

Regardless of these things, increased funding would help us to utilize every aspect of journalism. We would be able to purchase cameras and equipment of our own to use for our articles, as well as explore more options for getting our paper out there. The Wigwam used to be a physical newspaper with some media activity, but as funding decreased we’ve had to move exclusively online to where not many people know that we even exist.

Especially now, during an era where the media is constantly criticized for telling the truth but has an important duty to the public to tell the whole story without cutting corners, it’s more important now than ever that we have funding so we can get our voices out there. For us aspiring journalists, writers, and editors, we need opportunities just like everybody else to excel in our own pathway.


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