Teacher Appreciation


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Every few years or so, we are asked to write letters to the teachers who have made a difference in our time here at school. That was the one thing I always dreaded, at least in high school. There is such an emphasis on bad teachers, the complaints hard to ignore, because, unfortunately, they exist. The teachers who are tired and run down or simply just never cared. But, occasionally, you run across a teacher who truly impacts your life.

I believe that the good ones are hard to recognize, and for me, this wasn’t always entirely relevant in my mind until this year, senior year. Whether it be a realization of nostalgia or a growth in maturity to be able to connect, it was a late realization for the teachers who have been there all along.

So, here we go.

Thank you. Thank you to all the teachers in our school who try to truly make a difference. Thank you for sticking with us students, even when most of us are unwilling to listen. Thank you for not attempting to make a class just easy or fun with nothing to take from it.

There are teachers I have greatly appreciated over the years and those great teachers have been overshadowed or their lessons thought stupid by students.

To all the teachers I’ve ever had;

To Mrs. Gventor (Though retired now)  

To Ms. Miller (the old cheerleading coach)

To Mrs. Foldger

To Coach Cribbs

To Mrs. Lynch

To Ms. Raymond

To Mr. Vogle


To Mr. Snyder,

I was so excited to have you teach me for two years in a row. Though creative writing was my favorite time with you as my teacher, perhaps it was because it was a topic we both loved. Through English and Creative Writing, I feel as though I grew as a student and a writer. Thank you so much for running two classes in one for us, especially because our class wasn’t the quietest. I don’t know what I would have done without Creative Writing and that important growth that came with it. When I had heard you were no longer teaching the course, I was devastated. I felt that my writing had grown exponentially over the year and the class gave me so much inspiration. Your one on one advice was so useful and I will forever be proud of the one 100 you gave me on my short chapter story, I count that as my peaking moment in high school, creative writing providing a challenge and creating goals for me to aim towards in my writing.


To Coach Shabay,

You probably don’t remember, but the start of your impact in my life began in the summer going into my eighth grade when I attended your strength and conditioning class. My dream, back then, was to be a great athlete, and to run cross country, play softball, basketball, and wrestle. I wanted to do everything, and I still do. It’s funny now, looking back and thinking sports was my future. But, that was the first moment you impacted my life and made it so I felt I was capable of going after all of my dreams. I remember being so excited to go back the next year, and then learning that it wasn’t the same program. I quit halfway because it simply wasn’t the same. That was the first time you impacted me, and I carried that with me through my eighth grade, my short time wrestling, my softball season, and the moment I saw you were my English teacher. To this day I’m still thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn from you. I will forever remember you and what you strive to teach your students, despite the lack of cooperation and frustration that comes with.

To Ms. Lemke,

I know that taking on a new program like this one has its challenges; coming into a new school with students who don’t respect you the same because you weren’t what they were used to. The first year on staff, I viewed this class as my getaway. Having Creative Writing right before this, I was more than ready to end my day on yet another comfortable environment. That year, I realized that this was one in few classrooms where we could actually be ourselves, truly no judgement involved. I have regrets of not being more involved last year, competing in UIL and creating more memories to forever remember. You are, without a doubt my favorite teacher from this school. This year, this class has been my home base, where I go, where anyone goes when they don’t quite have anywhere else to be. I, among a few other students appreciate the loving, comfortable, safe place you provide for us, being able to relate with us rather than just being another strict teacher who expects too much or too little from us. Thank you for coming to Keller; you truly make a difference in all of our lives every day we’re here, boosting our confidence and allowing us to find who we truly want to be in a school full of kids and teachers who aren’t always accepting.


There are so many more good teachers in this school, despite what students choose to think, and it’s such a shame when the good ones go. It’s such a shame when the good ones go on without knowing what they’re really doing for us.

So, one more time, to all the teachers at this school who influence us everyday for the better, thank you for doing your job. Thank you for wanting to do more than just teach a subject. Thank you for sticking with us through all these years.