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Students Call for Nationwide Walkout

National Walkout April 20, 2018

April 11, 2018

We may be students, but we also have a voice and a right to practice.

Children are now standing up for children against adults’ childish needs and wants on guns. This upcoming walk out on April 20 is important for the fact that students must also have a voice in what goes on in schools by advocating to protecting our own education and futures that others hesitate to face because the time simply is not the right time, and people have not grieved enough; students have not feared enough; our Constitution is too permanent and clearly the exact issue we need to work on, just like the solution is adding more guns in our schools.

April 20 is the day we walk out and show our stance, standing for 17 minutes, at 10 a.m., out of respect for the Florida shooting and every person whose life was lost during that time.

We may be students, but we understand that something needs to be done.

We may be students, but we know what we can do to make our own change.

We may be students, and some may laugh, but we have a voice.

It’s strange to think about how times have changed, that there used to be a time where guns were brought to schools in the back of students’ pickups. It was a normal thing and certainly nothing to be afraid of. Now, we live in fear. Both students and teachers constantly jumping at loud noises and screams that, on a normal day, are a part of the high school experience. Now, teachers sit down and seriously talk to us about what we would do if a shooting ever occurred.

With any other problem, there would be a sense of over reacting. With any other problem, not everyone would be in the same boat.

Today, sitting in school, at least one person is afraid — the idea that the fear is stronger towards a school shooting than a car accident or mugging, though those things are far more likely. Today, I sit here in school and can only imagine what those children felt like, hiding under desks as a drill in case of an atomic bombing, back when that was the fear over guns.

Speaking to others, it’s an interesting viewpoint on this fear. It’s all the same. It’s not an anxiety or paranoia, it’s a calming knowledge. It’s a common knowledge saying, this is real and very plausible. With the nostalgia of senior year and the idea behind everyone saying, “if a school was to get shot up in the district, it would be Keller,” with that thought, it’s overwhelming. The thing is, though, any of us could get into a car accident or get mugged long before our school got shot up.

We keep looking for culprits, putting a face to possible shooters. Our guards are up. For the Florida shooting, one teacher posted on Instagram that waking up that morning and going to school, she never would have thought…

It’s always what we never would have thought or the little things we ignored. We can have ideas of who or when, but we can never know, making it all surreal. There is so much unknown. Today, students are more afraid of fire drills than the actual fire. Today, students debate whether or not it’s appropriate to walk out in fear of another shooting, or fear that it’s not the right thing to do.

This walkout should be encouraging those who are afraid, those who have an opinion to stand up with the rest of the country, and walk. This walkout is our opportunity for the voices of the unheard.

Now is the time to do what you think is right and show how you feel. Now is the time to grow up for the adults running this country who won’t listen and who only pray for the fallen. This walkout is important for the student body to strike a feeling of unity and importance, because we are important and so are the students who come after.

We need to create a safe place permanently before numbers start to rise as our fellow peers fall from the consequences of not taking action. This is not a perfect world, not even close, but we can at least make something out of it.


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