Did You Spend Your Spring Break Right?

Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

As spring break just ended and we all got a short summer tease, some students wonder how it went  by so quickly and if they spent their time wisely.

The thing is, there isn’t just one right way to spend your break just like summer. Hopefully, you were able to go somewhere new even if it was not a big travel. And if you did travel, hopefully it didn’t go by too fast. Personally, I believe a break should include a few days to relax.

Are you more of the type to start a new Netflix show or try a new restaurant or vacation spot? Balance is key to experiencing the best break. If you stay up late, sleep in a bit. And if you travel, make sure you budget time to relax too.

Sometimes by the time a break is finally over, we feel as if we didn’t have a break at all by the time Monday rolls around. To help you make every day of future breaks feel memorable and productive, I would recommend a few things. For one, at the beginning of your break, make a list of all the things you want to do or get done. Again, have some balance. Schedule time with friends and time to run errands your mom asked you to do. If you’ve been wanting to see that new movie, put it on your list. Try that new restaurant, put it on the list. By the time your break is over, you can see all the things you were able to plan and do.

Best of luck. Hopefully spring break gave you an idea of how you want to spend your summer and time manage in a way that will allow you to get to your fullest potential.