This Is High School.

Hannah Webb, Editor-in-Chief

As high school students, we find ourselves getting caught up in the minor details of life. We worry about the grade we’re going to get on that test or quiz, the fact that our six weeks grade is lower than we wanted it to be, or about being judged by those girls in your math class who never seemed to like you.

Having almost completed my four years in high school, I feel like I can say this: we are 14 to 18 years old. This is high school. Your grade on that test isn’t going to kill you. Those girls’ opinions of you do not define you. In 20 years, your life is not going to be revolving around your high school career.

This isn’t to say that working hard in high school isn’t important. I’m probably one of the biggest advocates of dedication and work ethic you’ll meet. But there comes a point when stressing yourself out about grades or about other people’s opinions of you at this age is just unhealthy. We are teenagers, and we have our whole lives ahead of us.

In terms of people, it’s important to remember that after high school, you will not see the people you went to high school with unless you want to. You choose who you keep in contact with. You choose how often you see them and how big of a role they play in your life. If those girls keep making fun of you for a reason you can’t see, so what? At the end of high school, they’re not going to matter any more than another random kid you might pass in the hallway every now and then.

You have to focus on you, not them. While you’re out bettering yourself and your future, they’ll be stuck in their high school experiences, and who’s really winning in that situation?

This is a reminder that you do not live and die by your high school experience. Your future will be as bright as you make it, and as long as you keep pushing for your dreams, they are entirely possible. Don’t make the mistake of believing that your life is over, or that your dreams are unreachable, because of what your high school experience makes you believe.


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