The Children Are The Future

Students Speak Up for Gun Control


Meleah York, Assistant Editor

A school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, left seventeen students and staff dead on February 14.

This heartbreaking tragedy was the eighteenth school shooting since the beginning of 2018. Yeah, you heard me. Eighteenth. That information needs to resonate with everyone, including high school students, but I know many of you have questions.

How did this happen? What will happen next? How can this be fixed?

Probably the most promising thing is that the students of Stoneman Douglas are beginning to start movements to create the change with protests and rallies to spread awareness. These incredible students are refusing to be silenced and are spearheading the campaign for gun control.

But what is gun control, you may ask? Are the Liberals trying to take away your Second Amendment right to bear arms?

People often have the misconception that calling for gun control means taking all guns away. In reality, when people push for gun control, they are advocating for increased and in-depth background checks, which make it more difficult for people who are mentally ill, have criminal records, or are under the age of 21 to have access to guns.

Gun control also includes the banning of military-grade weapons from the American public, as they have been used in our country’s worst massacres. Military weapons are meant to kill many human beings in a short and efficient amount of time, which gun control advocates think shouldn’t be apart of American society.

Unfortunately, many influential politicians receive large amounts of money from the National Rifle Association (NRA), including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan. This is a big reason why nothing has been done to increase the protection of the public, including schools.

While some have offered up the solution of arming teachers on campus, that defeats the entire purpose of feeling safe in schools. Fighting fire with fire isn’t going to accomplish anything, and there aren’t many teachers who are equipped to kill or shoot.

The biggest and most necessary realization one most incorporate is that if a school shooting was to occur, it’s difficult to predict what you will do when you have fear and adrenaline pumping through your veins. Gun control is completely necessary because it prevents guns from taking away more innocent lives.

The reason why the students from Stoneman Douglas have been protesting the government’s inaction and neglect of preventing more tragedies from occurring is because they are tired of watching their friends and other children dying in a place of learning, which should be safe for them.

These teenagers have been taking the future into their own hands to change things that the adults in the government are apparently incapable of changing themselves. It’s amazing and affirming to see how these young adults are using their experiences to advocate for the safety of kids in school, and it shows that you don’t have to be a certain age to start a movement.

We cannot continue the trend of innocent people being murdered in schools across the country, which is why I call on those who are reading this to educate themselves on current events and learn more about what these brave teenagers, who are our age, are fighting for: the safety of all students.


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