Education Reform


Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

If you were able to have a shorter school day, would you choose to?

AJ Juliani once said, “Our job is not to prepare our kids for something; our job is to prepare our kids for anything.”

Currently, public schools require students to be in school for a certain amount of time. To better prepare all students for college, our focus should only target academics. Even though people enjoy extra-curricular activities, core classes are more important.

Many think that extracurriculars and sports should be most strongly emphasized in today’s schools. This is false. According to,  “By the mid 19th century, academics became the sole responsibility of public schools.”

If we only concentrate on core classes, there will be more opportunities for students because they have a strong foundation in academics. Opportunities include scholarships and internships.

Education reform is also important, because with a secure structure, you will also be able to find a suitable job, that could potentially be a career option in the future. A job that will continue to allow yourself to develop skills that will enable you to prosper in life.

Experiencing results is a huge step in reaching your goals. If you can construct a mind set that will equip you to be successful in the workforce, you are also preparing yourselves for the future.


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