We’re Giving Up On Relationships.

We’re Giving Up On Relationships.

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

America’s current divorce rate is currently 40 to 50 percent, and it is ever increasing. Half of all marriages, and soon to be more than half, are failing.

Over fights, infidelity? The failure to realize that relationships are not easy, but take momentous commitment and hard work? Our current Western society is exhibiting a growing issue with over-indulgence, instant gratification, and lack of accountability.

However, there are various factors that feed this problem. One of them being rapid communication and social networking. When someone is available at the touch of a button, there can be over-communication. When given the opportunity to give a play-by-play of your day at a moment’s notice to your significant other and the whole world, it makes people nitpick, nitpick at every detail and aspect of your life, consequently leading to disagreements and arguments.

With the constant mindset that the moment there is a problem it is time to give up, relationships, and friendships, will continue to fail.

In our current society, we have lost our idea of what real effort is, and adopted this bare-minimum culture. Every day, less and less people write letters, talk on the phone, or have face-to-face interaction. In relationships, we date to have fun and move on to the next person, or to fill a void. We are stubborn, and don’t take accountability for our actions. We seem to have lost our sense of true loyalty, and we are never satisfied. Our partner or friend is never enough. We are constantly ready to jump ship and find someone else when we discover they aren’t perfect. Absorbed in shallowness, and self image, we are worried what other people think, and seek their approval, or feel the need to constantly be publicly appreciated over social media, like a trophy.

Rather than pursuing people for their character, and the desire to have a lasting relationship, we treat it like an achievement. It’s become a sort of status to be wanted. The authenticity lacks, and you’re left alone or in a relationship/friendship with trust issues.

We treat people like they are garbage at our disposal, no good when they no longer meet our needs. This is a real issue, and we need to end it. We need to stop taking our friends and loved ones for granted. When an object is broken, it is wiser to mend it rather than throw it away. Use this analogy with people and teach others to do so as well.


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