Luna Grill Review

Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

Have you ever been to Greece? If not, we’re in the same boat, but I’ve always wanted to go! Since we have school and a last minute vacation booking is a little out of reach at the time, I encourage you to experience Mediterranean culture for yourself in the best way: with food, and with a short drive over to Luna Grill, located right in Southlake, Texas.

With locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, and to Dallas/ Fort Worth, the small restaurant chain knows how to cook up something memorable enough to make you want to go back.

Walking in you’ll notice the modern ambiance and smell of gyros cooking. One thing I thought was unique was that the bottom portion of the chandeliers were made up of silverware- though no knives, thank goodness. How creative! If you need another spoon simply reach up and grab one.

For my meal I couldn’t decide if I wanted a bowl, a gyro, or a kabob. I ended up going with the Chicken Kabob and Gyros so that I could try both. It comes with grilled lamb, grilled chicken, rice, grilled tomato, a side salad with cucumber, and a dill-ranch type of dressing, and pita bread. Can I just say, WOW! It was not what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised. The meal was healthy and still incredibly tasty and filling.

For my drink I got a pomegranate lemonade which was delicious. It was sweeter than regular lemonade and was similar to pink lemonade with a more subtle herbal taste.

The staff was very nice, accommodating, and prompt with bringing the food out shortly. Also, the presentation of the food was great. Overall I certainly enjoyed my experience at Luna Grill and will definitely be going back again soon. If you’re looking for a healthy and tasteful meal I would for sure recommend this place. It was more on the pricey side, but with the food quality, it is easily worth it! Enjoy and let us know what you think!