Controversial Education

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

It is a highly debated topic — are you a good parent, or a bad one? Will your children engage in violent, or inappropriate behavior? Will lack of exposure and too much censorship make them overwhelmed by and unable to handle the real world?

It is the majority of parent’s mission to properly equip their children to take care of themselves once they enter adulthood, and at the same time, not be thoroughly traumatized by all of the scary, corrupt things in this cruel world.

For example, there has been much controversy over a rumored Disney movie, with princess/main character having an LGBT relationship, rather than a “standard” heterosexual one. Many parents are outraged, stating that this topic is simply “inappropriate” for a children’s movie. When the other side is ecstatic for a Disney movie with LGBT characters, as it could spread awareness, possibly education, and positive role models that struggling LGBT youth could relate and look up to.

While I hold my own opinion on this subject, it’s helpful to understand where both sides are coming from. When is the “right time” to educate your children about the LGBT community, social issues, and assist them in navigating their own identities? Are they mature enough to handle it? Should they find out on their own or when they’re 18? Or, maybe it’s better to learn from your parents, or a sugar-coated movie made for children, rather than school or the internet.

However, a line is crossed when hatred and condemnation of others’ differences are encouraged by parents. Otherwise, self love, diversity, acceptance, tolerance, and respect should be a parent’s example, no matter your political opinions and semantics.

It’s time to stop putting young children down, and rather assist them in their struggles of discovering their identities and passions, and navigate them down a path of enlightenment and positivity.