Where is the Love?


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

February is the month of love, as well as ironically the shortest month of the year.

Do you ever look around in your life and realize how Valentine’s Day has evolved? Do you ever realize that there are people all over social media that show off their boys and girls all during this one week of love, however it sheds away. Then people don’t look the direction as their loved ones or even friends for the next year until Valentine’s comes around once again?

This world is starved of love and this world is starved of the peace that we greatly take for granted on these small days of the year. Why do we have to live our lives to the standards of the Gregorian calendar and love in one month, be naughty or nice in one other, be spooky in another, and call summer June, July, and August?

This world is cracked and messed up not for the fact that everything is ridiculed and watered down and the people are less than on par, but for the fact that the seasons are always opposite in the hemisphere. People “down under” celebrate Christmas on the beach, while we are cozied up in cabins. We have different speech scores and patterns and every single person thinks so differently, however we all live under the same sun.

How can we not love each other whenever we see the same sun and moon every day and breathe the same air as the people all across the world?

Why are we cornered into a box of words such as gender, color, sexuality, political views, and so many others that make or break friendships and relationships?

When were we told that living one way or another was wrong or right or the secret formula to the happiest life in all of the universe?

Where are we going to find the real answer to the problem all of us young and old seem to have?

Where are we going to find the place where love is apparent in every human soul, where acceptance and creation is mutual among is creators? Why are we riding this out like it is just a  bad month on earth, why are why treating our calendar like it is the only time to love?

You will all laugh.

You all will.

You see the name that wrote this and laugh.

She can’t be serious, she’s too loud.

However, the loudest people have the quietest thoughts.

The loudest people have the biggest hearts. That is why you need to preach love, and peace every single day you are on this earth, because you don’t know when you might just set off the biggest change this society has ever seen.