Shane Dawson: Falsely Accused

Shane Dawson: Falsely Accused

Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

Pedophilia in Hollywood has been a huge epidemic for years now. As YouTubers are growing bigger and beginning to be branded as celebrities, it is obvious that some of the corruption will transfer. But what happens when someone is falsely alleged to be one of the worst kind of criminals?

That’s exactly what happened to YouTuber Shane Dawson. A video by a small channel (that I will keep anonymous, as the channel has since been taken down and stopped) released a video entitled “Shane Dawson is a Pedophile.” It quickly went viral. The video contained a heavily edited voice clip from Dawson’s podcast, where he makes a tasteless joke. It is dubbed with scary music, and all laughter, as well as assurance that it was only a joke is cut in the edited video. The part many people haven’t seen is when the video goes on to say that Dawson’s lover and ex-girlfriend have baby faces, as if that is valid evidence for such a weighted allegation.

The internet took hold of the video like leeches, making it a trending Twitter moment for upwards of three days. Soon everyone had caught wind. Simply seeing a man’s name in the same sentence as “pedo” can ruin reputations.

Dawson wasted no time in releasing his response. He made a statement in a video, simply, “I am not a f###### pedophile.” And he apologizes for the joke, and plays it unedited. Many content creators that have worked with Dawson ran to his side in defense, video after video claiming his innocence.

This is where things get bizarre. The same unmentioned channel who published the accusation video then released a text in code. Some say it translated to “they made me do it.” Then the channel published another video showing a balance of money sent by Logan Paul’s manager. At the time, Logan Paul had his own rumors and accusations circulating, as he filmed a dead man in Japan’s Suicide Forest and laughed. He did something morally wrong. The theory is that they commissioned this unassuming but big enough channel to make the video to move the media attention to Dawson.

Eventually the channel was taken down, and the talk fizzled out. Shane Dawson is still a very successful content creator on YouTube, who luckily wasn’t hit with any legal grief for the accusations. Though some may not be so lucky, innocent men can be sent to prison; accusations are no game. We should all make sure we have thoroughly researched topics before jumping to conclusions.


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