KHS to Experience Most Wonderful Time of Year

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

The title made you think of Christmas, I’m sure, but as I bet you might have figured out by now, I am in fact talking about the wonderful Valentine’s Day. And while the holiday itself is fine and dandy, high school has a different way of bringing this day of love to life, whether this is your least favorite holiday, or your absolute favorite.

Singing telegrams. Freshmen are in for a treat, and the rest of us try and guess which friend purchased one for us even after they said they wouldn’t! Ah, how unsuspecting and trusting our minds are. Prepare to sit up on the large stairs and get serenaded in front of the entire cafeteria population. It’s dinner and a show! Well, lunch, but you get the gist. And it’s all fun and games until you realize, yes, indeed, it was your name that was just called to join the innocent students around you. If the singers know their victim well enough, sometimes there are friendly displays of affection such as being leaned- or sat- on, like you’re a grand piano in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Said singer portraying Michelle Pfeiffer.

The Valentine’s Day song selection is wide, seeing as the majority of written songs have to do with the subject of love in one way or another. Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, and Frank Sinatra make the list, but if you’re especially lucky, like I was my junior year, you might even get Rickrolled! An experience for the ages, that’s for sure.