Fashion This Year

Fashion This Year

Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

Fashion is a beast, an interesting creature. It can bend and shift or pop back to the exact same place it was ten years ago. So what does the fashion of 2018 look like?

Well to me, it seems like it’s going to be Bold with a capital B. 2017 fashion paved the road for this. Last year velvets, sparkles, Swarovski crystals, anything luxe was very prevalent in fashion. Not much changed there. With fur coats making a huge comeback and heeled, suede, knee-high boots being the look of the winter, everyone is walking around looking like a million bucks. Anything pretty and sparkly will be praised in the eyes of the fashion gods.

Experimental fashion is making big statements as well in this new year. From runways to Instagram, the odd and avante garde have been receiving waves of praise. Even androgyny has become popular, and its as gorgeous as ever. Paris and New York runways have been drenched in oddities. But it’s not just for the rich and famous. Brands that are quite accessible to the general public have come out with things like clear panel jeans and full body scarves.

Another thing I see making it huge this year is what some would call “rave-fashion.” These are things dropped by brands like Dolls Kill and Sugar Thrillz. Flashy leotards, interesting crop tops, lace up the leg pants, and big platforms are the aesthetic. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s flashy and subtly promiscuous.

I adore how far fashion has come. Everyone can wear whatever they want. Women aren’t pressured to look like innocent little gumdrop fairies, and men aren’t being fought into only a few very traditionally masc looks. Fashion is expressive and a loud voice. Everyone sees your clothes, and we can show a bit of the inside on the out before even speaking a word with them. So I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see the all new trends of 2018.