Anti-Valentine’s Day

Anti-Valentines Day

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

You can tell it’s Valentine’s Day when you start seeing the oversized teddy bears, overpriced candy, and overhyped sappy cards lining the shelves of your local grocery store. It may seem like I’m complaining about Valentine’s Day simply because I’m single, but it’s much more than that. Even if you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t need a special day to show your love for your significant other. 

First of all, the whole concept of Valentine’s Day is illogical. Every day should be a day you love and appreciate for your partner. A day dedicated to it is simply an excuse for companies to make specialty items geared towards Valentine’s Day to make a profit. It’s a “Hallmark” holiday and is celebrating an everyday thing that really doesn’t need it’s own dedicated day. Not to mention it makes those not in a relationship feel even worse, when it’s perfectly fine to be on your own. There shouldn’t be excess pressure put on people to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you’re happy on your own, more power to you.

The emphasis that is put on buying material items to show your affection for your partner is once again, a way for companies to capitalize on a useless holiday and make money doing it. Trying to find something expensive or flashy shouldn’t be the meaning of Valentine’s Day. It should be focused on celebrating your relationship and expressing your appreciation for them. The value of your gift doesn’t equal your love for them.

Overall, Valentine’s Day is an useless holiday that shouldn’t be overhyped like it is today. At the very least, we should focus on showing appreciation to our loved ones everyday instead of just Valentine’s Day.


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