New Year’s Resolutions


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

2016 was known for so many things, most of them only memorable because of the negative impacts left behind.

2017 wasn’t much different.

2018 is the year we should stop focusing so much on the world around us in materialistic ways and thinking more of our ideals. We should be focusing on making ourselves better people, more well rounded, more knowledgeable, more open minded.

Our world is developing and progressing so quickly, future generations will only know certain things through the internet, never seeing it physically in front of them. Tapes and CDs will be cavemen technology. The material, the physical in front of us will always be a variable that changes, but the human mind is the constant we must focus on and make stronger. Technology can’t be the only major development, and if it is, eventually there’s a chance we can lose so much of humanity in it, no longer truly being defined through our actions and world around us.


It’s 2018!

This is the year the people grow.

This is the year we leave the bad behind and really learn our lessons, refusing to report the cycle of the history behind us.

Our New Year’s resolutions never last long, at least that’s the joke. Let’s not make this a resolution, not a dream or a goal, but the bright reality of our futures, for us and future generations.