I Hate College Applications.

They Just Suck.


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

You know, senior year is not REALLY that bad. There is nothing to do, no drama to deal with, it’s mainly just you and your problems, and then the fork in the road that kills us all inside, college applications.

Now listen guys, you do not KNOW what Senioritis feels like after you complete nine different applications to colleges, two of which you probably want to go to, and the other seven are “just in case” you don’t get in to the top two. You have exhausted all of your efforts in impressing some random people who are just going to judge whether or not they want you in their institution. So, I mean we seniors are always exhausted. Why do we have to complete 800 different application methods, sites, types of applications? It is literally like The Cheesecake Factory making up new cheesecakes; IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. I just have one question for colleges…

Why can we not all agree on using one COMMON APPLICATION, and we get rid of those awful submission fees; we are already paying thousands of dollars to you anyway.

I know, there is something called the “Common Application” and many colleges actually use it, but there are some special snowflakes out there that just have to use their own application site. They are asking me to forget the password to their website. I understand if they do not have a contract to the Common Application site or maybe there is some other worldly reason that they do not want to use the Common App.

But people do not realize how overrated and how obnoxious applying for college is in the first place?

How many different websites I have to switch to and copy and paste about the same activities whenever I could have it all done if EVERYONE JUST USED THE COMMON APP. I wouldn’t be up until the dark hours of the night just rewriting the same history I had to mark down eight other times, and you would get my applications faster.

It just really sucks, because for some of the applications I feel as if I did not do my best on them because it was a repeat question, or that I was asked something similar and I just burnt myself out from the same exact method…

I understand having variety, being well-rounded. However, there are so many other ways to figure if people are cohesive and ready to learn and work and are capable of college level courses.

Maybe I am just fed up, maybe I am just not really in the best mood after applying to twelve different colleges, in which I don’t first hear if I even get accepted until mid February.

Colleges, do a favor for me, switch to the Common App; there is no reason that you should not be able to use the Common App as your main source of applications.

It would just be easier for all of your prospective students, like me, to really show you what we are made of.