New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

Meleah York, Assistant Editor

2018 is finally upon us, bringing promises of YouTube scandals, more antics from our Cheeto president, and yet another semester of your high school career. With the new year starting up, we remember our lives in 2017, a year that wasn’t as bad as 2016 and its deadly plague that killed off celebrity icons, but a year that was remembered for being the best, and the worst.

2017 was kind of a fever dream. Everything from Trump’s inauguration, the Hollyweed sign, and the death of Vine brought a shroud of “what the heck is going on,” right off the bat. We had deadly shootings that our government did nothing about, per usual. We watched the new season of Stranger Things and witnessed Moonlight’s win at the Oscars. There were the Women’s Marches, fires and hurricanes that destroyed Puerto Rico and Houston, and the denial of climate change. 2017 was a crazy year. But with everything that happened, you guys still have your own personal interpretations of that year and how it went for you.

For some of you, 2017 might have been the best year of your life, whether you found a new hobby, went somewhere cool for vacation, or made new friends. But maybe some of you have faced heartbreak and loss. Some of you have said goodbye to a college-bound sibling or moved to a new house. You could have had to put down a beloved pet or go through mental illness like depression or anxiety. Maybe this year you had to end a relationship or two, and on top of that our president is kinda crazy, so you’ve been bogged down this year. 2017 kind of sucked overall, and while there might have been bright spots, it can be hard to trudge through into the new year when you take bad memories and experiences with you.

The now memed phrase, “new year, new me!” brings eyerolls, with everyone making cliche resolutions to lose weight or exercise or eat better and failing to do so. It’s the buzz the new year brings some people, and when the hype runs out, so does your motivation. This kind of thing is hard for us bummed folks. Not everybody can be motivated by a clean slate, because things happen all the time, and we can’t always be positive.

So how do you combat this? Everyone deserves to have a great year every time January 1st rolls around. You don’t have to make huge resolutions like working out everyday for three hours or explore some hobby you aren’t interested in at all. There isn’t any value in an empty promise just because the new year arrives.

Take small steps. 2017 was chaotic and could have been difficult for you. Find smaller things to set goals for. Discover a new artist or genre of music. Start journaling or writing, maybe reading in your free time. You could even start volunteering or doing charity work. You don’t need big resolutions that are difficult to achieve.

Last year’s hardships can’t be forgotten for a lot of you, which is why “new year, new me!” doesn’t really apply. You don’t need to be a new person in order to “gain access” into the new year. Keep being yourself. Carry your experiences with your chin held high, because they make us all unique. Bad things are going to happen sometimes, but the way you combat that is by surrounding yourself with people who love you, and things you enjoy doing.

2017 was a rough year. but focusing on yourself and the effect you have on others is going to be 2018’s great accomplishment. New year, same you. Just revamped.