Glitter Addiction: Makeup of 2017


Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

2017 was both a great and terrible year for makeup. Generally, we start with a good intention or a great product, and it either gets drilled into the ground or just used incorrectly. Though, as a makeup lover myself, I do have to praise this year for turning makeup into a safe place for people of all types. As well as just serving face across the board and for every look that is a little uninspired, there are at least three amazing ones.

So let’s cover some of the flops. I had three griefs with makeup trends this year. The first one is a bit basic; no one particularly liked this trend but at the same time a lot of people did it. Thankfully, it never seemed to make it out of the house and internet posts. This trend being wavy eyebrows. I think my biggest issue with this one was it wasn’t meant to be a “makeup” trend. The original picture was Photoshopped, and the thing is it doesn’t look good and it’s basically impossible to do well unless the picture is Photoshopped. This trend helped no one and definitely didn’t further anyone’s skills as a MUA.

Moving on, the second thumbs down from me this year was false advertising. Particularly false “holographic” advertising. “Holo” and “holographic” became seriously hot click terms this year. Mostly popularized by Christine of the YouTube channel Simply Nailogical, everyone went holo crazy. So naturally, beauty companies started churning out the “holo” products. The issue? Almost none of it was actually holographic; the lovely rainbow glitters were a mystery to companies, and they faced some harsh reviews for it.

Now the last thing: highlighter. Now hold on, don’t shoot! I love highlighter. I think a blinding glow is gorgeous and everything, and trust me, I’m not one to harp on “natural makeup,” though highlighter has been misused in some online tutorials. In fact, I haven’t seen this anywhere but in Instagram tutorials. What I’m referring to is the trend of putting an entire layer of liquid highlight then applying foundation. What does that do? Does anyone actually do this? I mean it just kills the glow and makes you look super shiny and sweaty while your foundation wears. And if products don’t mix well it could completely tarnish the performance of your foundation. Don’t even get me started on how it settles into large pores.

Anyway, let’s move onto the good things makeup has done this year. I’m extremely proud of the makeup community for becoming a safe space for everyone and anyone. Men, women, just people in general, individuals who have abnormalities about their faces, and others all have been blending and glowing this year with so much support. It’s a beautiful thing. Not to mention all of these people have been turning beautiful pieces all year, and a lot of it has been so creative. We’ve really started moving on from the “don’t apply too much makeup, only highlight your natural beauty or you’ll look like a minx” age that we found ourselves in not long ago. Now we’re looking at true artistic, glittery, colorful, and bold self expression.

Overall I’m proud of what makeup has done this year despite its downfalls. It’s only going to get better in 2018, and I’m excited to see what new products and looks will be put out this year.