The Bright Side of Apathy

The Bright Side of Apathy

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

Apathy is defined as lack of feeling or emotion, or lack of interest and concern. If you are apathetic, others may label you as “careless.” But really, what is apathy?

Society may label it as a negative trait, when in reality, it can have many very positive impacts. Passion, joy, and infatuation focused in the wrong areas can actually be detrimental. But with all of the cruelty in this world, and stressers of daily life, maybe apathy could improve functionality.

However, apathy and ignorance are two very different things. If we live in a so-called cruel world, ignorance is bliss. Apathy is simply indifference, without lacking awareness and knowledge.

Everyone possesses their own truth, but I have applied this “thinking method” to my life, and although I have far to come, I’ve found success.

Coping with major depressive disorder, anxiety, working two jobs, and excessive family issues, apathy has helped me find my way, as it has for other people close to me. Before I applied this to my life and way of thinking, I found myself experiencing social isolation, conflict with my significant other, and panic attacks nearly every day. Apathy was my outlet when I had no one to listen.

Indifference brought me a sense of inner peace.

And I’ve found through that inner peace, I have nothing negative to say about anyone. I recognize that I don’t know everything, and I could be wrong. I feel as if I have experienced if not yet a whole, but maybe partial “ego death.” Selective apathy is the technical term, because I still care. I care about my spirituality and connection to other living things, and the least amount of evil I can bring myself to become. Stress comes from a lack of apathy, or caring too much. We make ourselves sick over stress. We kill ourselves through stress.

When we are full of energy, we feel alive.

Indifference does not drain energy, but rather give us a mental break, a chance to replenish it.

We have to decide, what is worth my energy? This can be applied to relationships with family, friends, significant others, and even social and political issues. Will you be the one to make the difference, or may things sort themselves out? If it’s the second one, stop feeling the need to control everything. Control, is draining. And those in control, especially abusing it, don’t necessarily need to be stopped by you . They will drain themselves.

Some call this karma, but everything that happens to you, you do to yourself.

So, free yourself from the limits of your own mind.

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