A True Holiday.

Life is larger than your greatest presents.

A True Holiday.

Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

Well, Keller High, it’s that time of the year again: the holidays. Spanning from the top of November all the way down to the new year, we are bombarded with gifts and presents and holly jolly sentiments as another year of Christmas time rolls around.

For some, at least. However, this is no ordinary news story, and I am no ordinary Katimeer. Let’s all hush our selfish selves, and give. Give what you can since you will receive so much more in the end.
As we get older, we realize the tales of Santa Claus and a red-nosed reindeer are only the parent’s game plan to get their children to sleep on time every night, to not fight in the car on the way to school, to not get into those sibling brawls ALL of us with brothers and sisters have partaken in. However, we as up-and-coming adults should open our eyes to what the true meaning of the holidays: to give back what we have taken throughout the year.

I know, most of you never understand my stories or where I even go with them; however, the true meaning of having the holidays is to bring our joy and happiness to others, sharing the love across our school, state, country, and world.

Giving the gift of friendship, understanding, love, and care is greater than any new iPhone or a pair of shoes.

Look around the hallways, tell your friends that you appreciate and care for them, make people smile, do small deeds, write a note to your favourite teacher, let everyone know that you are happy to be here and you are happy that they are here too.

Because here in Keller, Texas, we are fortunately, quite wealthy. But think for a second, how many of us are rich?

No. I️ don’t mean how much money you have in your bank account or how many trips to Dubai your family goes on every year.

I mean, how many people can stand up right now and honestly say that they are 100 percent satisfied with their grades, work, projects, family, friends, loved ones, “baes” (or whatever you call them), or that they feel understood and loved in the world and they are appreciated often because of what they do to make the world go round?

I can promise you that none of you think that.

We are all a little broken inside, and for some, the holidays cheer us up, bring a little light back into our hearts from the world. But for others, the holidays are just a shuddering reminder of the past, of when they were happy, when they got presents under the tree, and when everything seemed okay.

Make someone’s holiday extra special, because you never know when your act will become the true meaning of the holidays.