What’s Underneath

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Judgment is part of human nature. Some of us try our best to avoid thoughts and comments that contain such harmful commentary, but at the end of the day it’s almost inevitable. Not to say that we can’t have these thoughts and then turn them around, but some of us choose not to or don’t think out the full consequences of what we’re saying. Either way, through these judgmental thoughts that we are prone to having and listening to, rumors start.

Rumors are ideas that society creates about others to either bring down or support one’s image. More times than not, it’s to bring someone down. And that is how bullying starts.

Bullying is the looks and whispers that include you, yet somehow you’re not included; the friendless Friday nights because the people who you thought were your true friends were the ones who started the rumors. Clearly, they never knew you that well at all.

Judgment is powerful. Words are powerful. We listen to others’ opinions who we deem trustworthy and credible. Little do we know, without experiencing a person themselves, we can never form a real opinion of them. We all have different ideas of what and who makes good friends and foes, and in many cases we decide that through the voices of others.

For me, there are some people I would have never thought to talk to, hearing harsh rumors that over-exaggerated the characteristics of a person. After all, when a story is told by mouth, the details can never stay the same, usually embellished to prove a point.

There are some people I wish I would have talked to sooner, in hopes that we could have grown a friendship over time and had more time as friends instead of the short period that we did have.

It’s all about what’s underneath.

And what we see “underneath” is only ever through a person’s reputation, but if we look closer,  reality and personality shows on the surface if you’re willing to look past the plastered images that others glued on, creating a person in front of you who is never who you would think.

What’s underneath the societal ideals that we create can be great friendships and futures.

Judgment blinds us though.

We prevent ourselves from some experiences with others that later we wish we could have, and exclude the people with the labels in the process.

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