Thoughts on Las Vegas Shooting


A picture of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign at night. the Photo was taken by David_Vasquez and can be found here:

Thomas Winzeler, Assistant Editor

At 10:08 Pacific Daylight Time October 1, the first reports of a shooting at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas came in. A three-day festival called “Route 91 Harvest” was taking place. USA Today reported that “according to police, the gunman fired from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, which overlooks the venue. Police said numerous firearms, as many as 10, had been found in the room.”

The shooter has been identified as Stephen Craig Paddock, who’s 64 years old and is a resident of Mesquite, Nevada. According to multiple news sources, Paddock had 17 rifles in his room. One of them was modified to rapid fire. Paddock shot at the concert goers from his 32nd-floor room. At 11:27 police entered Paddock’s room in which they found him lying on the floor dead.  

Fifty-nine people were killed and at least 500 were injured in this mass shooting. People are calling this attack “domestic terrorism.” The FBI has yet to determine if there was any political motive involved. As of now, in the government’s eyes, this is not terrorism. That could change as the FBI further investigates this terrible gun shooting.  ISIS has, however, claimed it was connected to the mass shooting but as of now, no links have been found.

This mass shooting was terrible. The idea that someone would do this is absolutely sickening. To say that because the shooter is white, people aren’t taking this as seriously as they should is ridiculous. The idea that to solve violence in America we need to ban guns is ridiculous. The idea that politicians would stand on the graves of the victims and use this tragedy to further their political agenda is absolutely disgusting. It’s disgusting for any mass shootings, terrorist attacks, violence or something that involves loss of life. Democrats are doing this in the wake of the attack.

Saying that stricter gun control or banning guns would help. No, it wouldn’t. Americans aren’t like the rest of the world. When something is banned, we want it. Because we want it, we’ll find ways to have it or get it. You bet that a Texan would find a way to buy or keep his guns. Just like how people find ways to smuggle in weed and smoke it in states that it’s banned in. Just like how people still drank alcohol during the prohibition. In Europe, the UK or any other country that guns are banned, they don’t have a culture in which guns are part of their lives. That guns are used for defense and recreational activities. So it was easier to ban guns because you didn’t have a large portion of people saying “But we like guns.”  

Republicans also use a tragedy to manipulate emotions and to further political agendas. They use terrorist attacks done by ISIS to further their agenda of “banning Muslims.” Just like how Republicans cry out, “Now’s not the time for action, but it’s time for mourning” after mass shootings, Democrats cry out the exact same thing after terrorist attacks in Europe. It’s hypocrisy on both sides.

If a minority or a person of a certain religion did this, unless there was evidence or direct links to a terrorist organization or a political motive, I would be saying the same thing. That this isn’t a terrorist attack. Race to me does not make a difference. It’s ignorant and just plain racist to automatically assume that a tragic event like this is a terrorist attack when we have no evidence. We have no evidence that shows it has a political motive, no links to a terrorist group, no hard evidence. No way of proving if it was a terrorist attack. 

Las Vegas is and was a tragic event. However, we shouldn’t politicize any tragic event like this. Doing so is disrespectful to those who died in said event and only makes the politicians politicizing the event look bad.

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