Self Care for Students

Learning to Love Yourself Now is More Important Than You May Think

Self Care for Students

Abby Tow, Staff Writer

Self-Care is a term you’ve most likely heard floating around recently, perhaps scrolled past it on Twitter or half-listened to your mom mention it after watching you stay up way too late doing homework. As adulthood approaches for our generation, so does an alarming spike in depression and anxiety rates. While combating a psychological disorder isn’t necessarily preventable, there are certainly ways to aid yourself in maintaining a healthy mental state. Now is the time for us all to start seriously considering what keeps us mellow, what with all the college essays and AP tests about, along with a society that isn’t exactly kind. If we take the initiative to be kinder to ourselves first, the world is a much easier place to exist in.

But what exactly is self-care? At a very basic, non-medical level, self-care involves taking the time to be generally nicer to your emotions and mind. For a student, this could mean a variety of things. Sometimes self-care means reading a book for thirty minutes that isn’t assigned by a teacher, and sometimes self-care means simply taking a shower. It’s all about pinpointing what makes you feel calm in a hectic environment. When things all begin to feel like too much in the world- violence, political unrest, friend and family drama, grades, and all the other things that being a person entails- I try to allow myself breathing room. I organize playlists. I clean my room. I watch Law and Order, drink lots of ice-cold water, and I eat fruit roll-ups.

There are expectations placed upon you and these are always unavoidable, but in the few moments we occasionally have to ourselves, do something for you. Understanding your own validity, that feeling sad is not drama, that feeling angry isn’t overreaction or PMS, that feeling confused isn’t immaturity, is part of self-maintenance. The world will make you feel a lot of things, many of which are not pleasant, but through self-care, we can all take a step back and dismantle our emotional state. While we can’t choose our feelings, we can light candles, paint our nails, take walks with our dogs, and organize our bookshelves. We can allow ourselves momentary bits of peace.

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