Why Dairy is Scary

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

Many do not consider the impact of their actions. It is typical that humankind possesses a lack of compassion, and even common sense when making decisions. Recently, there has been a large movement to cut down on or stop eating meat and shut down slaughterhouses. Many people go vegetarian, in an attempt to reduce animal cruelty and stop killing living things.

But, what if, there was something worse than eating meat? Worse, than the meat industry. something more cruel, destructive to the environment, and harmful to your body?

One word, dairy.

However, not everyone knows this. Billion dollar corporations spend millions in an attempt to borderline brainwash people into buying their product. By using words like “pure” and “healthy”, and displaying pictures and videos of happy cows in a field, the dairy industry utilizes false advertising and deception as their main methods of selling these products.

But before delving into the facts, many fail to use simple, common sense, and logic. No other species, besides the human race, consumes the milk of another animal. If you saw an adult cat, nursing a puppy, would that be considered unordinary? If let’s say, dogs milk, began showing up on grocery store shelves for human consumption, would people not be skeptical, or think it’s a bit gross? Human milk, human babies, cow’s milk, baby calves. Seems about right?

Just like human breast milk, cow’s milk is meant for the sole purpose of a baby calf’s growth formula. Human breast milk is meant to assist a seven-pound baby into developing into a child, of about 50-90 pounds. Cow’s milk is meant to turn an eighty-pound calf a two-ton cow. Whether you drink hormone-free milk or not, it will have a similar effect on the human body.

But wait, wouldn’t it be odd for a grown human being, to drink human breast milk? It probably would! Just like human beings, a cow is required to be impregnated in order to lactate. Lactation is a natural occurrence after pregnancy because milk is meant for infants.

Therefore, consuming any form of mammal infant formula during adulthood is simply unnatural.

Other than this absurdity, there are health drawbacks to consider. The milk industry’s biggest lie to society, such as the “Got Milk?” movement, is that it makes your bones strong. Something to consider is that a human has one stomach, which possesses the ability and correct amount of enzymes required to break down human breast milk. However, cow’s breast milk is significantly more acidic than a human, thus why they have four stomachs rather than one. A human’s body is meant to be alkaline. However, when introducing an acidic substance such as calf formula, the human body’s single stomach, simply does not contain enough enzymes to break it down. But in natural means of survival, the human body will alkaline itself. But, this comes at a cost. Calcium will be drawn from your bones, in order to maintain a healthy pH. When removing calcium, the bones will weaken, achieving the complete opposite effect than advertised.

Not only is dairy destructive to your body, but also the environment. Cows simply do not reproduce on their own, fast enough to meet the human demands for dairy.

Because of this, not only are female cows repeatedly and forcibly raped for their whole lives, but the rapid reproduction of cows and other animals against their natural reproductive course, or what the Earth can support, is called animal agriculture.

Did you know, that livestock, and their byproducts, produce at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide per year? This alone accounts for 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Transportation, on the other hand, is only responsible for 13 percent. Not only does animal agriculture yield such an intensive amount of CO2, but cows also produce a pollutant know as Methane-25, which is one hundred times more destructive than CO2.

Also, the workers on a dairy farm simply do not have enough time to manually milk a cow. Because of this, cow’s produce more than twelve times more milk than what the cow’s body can handle, and machines are used for the milking. These machines are very abrasive to the sensitive skin on the cow’s udders. Therefore, many sores are produced on the udders. These large sores get infected and filled with pus. Where does the pus go? The milk.

But let’s continue to drink this, pure, white, refreshing substance, and make all the cows happy, as shown on TV.

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